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SEIGADO - Reliability from a history of a century

Corporate name SEIGADO Co., Ltd.

[Head office]
580-3 Wa, Uwabaramachi, Yamanaka-Onsen, Kaga-shi, ISHIKAWA, 922-0106

[Tokyo Design Office]
8F., Shinbashi Ekimae Building 1, 2-20-15, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, TOKYO, 105-0004 JAPAN


[Head office]
Phone:0761-78-5588 / Fax:0761-78-5267

[Tokyo Design Office]
Phone:03-6280-6750 / Fax:03-6280-6751

Founding Business 1917
Foundation of SEIGADO Co., Ltd. November 4th, 1977
Capital Fund 70 million yen
Representative Representative Director Daisaburo Nishimoto
Description of Business Manufacture, sales, import and export of lacquerware
Managing online store
All other business subordinate to the above
Bank of account The Mizuho Bank
The Hokuriku Bank
The Hokkoku Bank
The Kanazawa Shinkin Bank
  • SEIGADO Head Office

    Head Office

  • Tokyo Design Office

    Tokyo Design Office

Corporate Development

April, 2017

The capital was increased to 70 million yen, and the capital reserve was increased to 13 million yen.

October, 2016

The capital was increased to 47 million yen.

May, 2016

Daizaburo Nishimoto became the Representative Director.

April, 2016

The capital was increased to 27 million yen.

March, 2016

The Tokyo Design Office was established.


The Seigado products were distributed to the museum shop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The export to Europe and North America was started.


Akio Kunugi, the second president, established SEIGADO Co., Ltd. to produce and distribute lacquerware.


Rikusaburo Okude, the wood turner of Yamanaka lacquerware started the business.